Molter BV Noordwijkerhout vaste planten Molter BV vaste planten

Molter BV is a family owned perennial nursery which started in 1998 and is located in the west of Holland. Right in the middle of the world famous bulb growing area. The choice for this location is because of the high quality and unique soil which enables us to produce a high quality and compact plant, for guaranteed fast and healthy growth. These plants will perfectly handle the washing and packing that has to be done for shipping to the United States.

All our plants
are  grown on our own fields by our own qualified experts. To make sure we can grow and deliver the highest quality of plants we use the most modern machinery. 

In our modern facility in Noordwijkerhout we divide and sort all the plants. We have more than 10.000 square foot cooling facilities, specifically built for  storing perennials. All the treatment to the plants like dividing, sorting, washing and packing is done on our modern premises. For sorting the plants we use our own developed machines so we guarantee the same high quality and size year in year out.
 We grow more than 850 varieties and try to add a number of new varieties every year. A high percentage of these varieties come from our own breedingprogram. Right now we are focusing on the breeding of Tricyrtis, Kniphofia, Polygonatum, Iris louisiana and Salvia. Our goal in breeding is to find new and unique varieties for a perfect pot culture.